Educational Consulting

Everwood Learning Center provides one-on-one educational consulting for families seeking to find best-fit educational programs for their child. Educated in both mainland China and the U.S, our educational consultants understand the needs of Chinese families, and pledge to maintain the ethical standard of the professional organizations which we are part of. To make sure we provide accurate information to families, every year we attend conferences and visit campuses at our own expense. Last year, our footsteps have taken us on 21 college campuses in the US.

Our end goal in educational consulting is for students to take charge of their own education, and for families to stay informed of their options. To do this, we offer our honest opinions about what educational environment would work in the child’s favor, given the family’s resources and capabilities. As much as we hope we can, we can never guarantee any result. What we can do is striving to be the trustworthy and professional educational consultant whom the family can turn to, at pivotal moments of their child’s educational journey.


We offer

  • Mentoring and coaching teens to find purpose and pursue excellence
  • College application guidance
  • US independent school application guidance 
  • Summer program consulting
How we can help:
  • Hourly consultation
  • Comprehensive year-round educational advising package 
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