Parent Engagement

Everwood Learning wants to help parents become better at educating their own children. We recognize that the unique challenge faced by this generation of Chinese parents is that the majority of them have not studied abroad or attended an international program when they were kids. Therefore, it’s very difficult for parents to understand and relate to what their child is going through. 

At Everwood, we put things in context for parents to understand the opportunities and challenges that come with educating their child in a western-style school. Through education salons and webinars for parents, official Wechat and Weibo account, and presentations done at our partner organizations, we promote the idea of families making informed educational decisions based on what’s best for their own child. Our aspiration is to encourage parents in China to break away from the culture of simply emulating what other families do with their own children. 

It takes a solid team – child, parents, educational consultant, teachers in school, the child’s sports coach or other mentors – to execute the plan to achieve good results. To this end, educators at Everwood are open to working closely with student’s family and engage in conversations about the student with other adults in a student’s life.

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